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Our super fun summer camps provide campers a non-stop art-making experience incorporating a variety of projects and mediums. Each session includes structured group and independent activities to promote collaboration and individuality.

Campers are encouraged to become art detectives, investigating and discovering

new creative interests and directions. 


Camps for ages 4-6 will be held at 1pm- 3:30pm. 

Camps for ages 7-15 will be held at 9am- 12pm. 

June 17-21
Neo Nature

In Neo Natures Art Camp we'll play with foliage and flowers and study flower and plant structures to create our own 2D and 3D masterpieces. We'll also incorporate some recycling into our art to help our environment. Some of our projects will include print making, drawing, flower pressing, photography, and paper making.  

June 24-28
Unique Universes

In Unique Universes Art Camp we'll draw inspiration from planets, galaxies, and various processes of the universe at large. We'll craft 2D and 3D fantasy creatures and worlds that intrigue our imaginations. Some of our projects will include watercolor, paint pouring, kinetic art, and story writing. 

July 1-5
Wild Wonders

In Wild Wonders Art Camp we'll explore animals of the Savanna and the Amazon to create 2D and 3D renditions of the creatures. We'll also observe natural patterns, designs, and even sounds to transform ourselves into wild wonders. Some of our projects will include paper maché, painting, clay sculpting, and drawing. 

July 8-12
Colorful Concepts

Colorful Concepts Art Camp will be a week-long color explosion. We'll have fun tie dyeing, growing rainbows, making prisms and sun catchers, mastering color mixing, collaging, and more. Don't be surprised if we end up completely covered in rainbows one of these days. 

July 15-19
Magnified Marvels

In Magnified Marvels Art Camp we'll zoom in to the mysteries of microscopic worlds and objects to create 2D and 3D artworks based on the abstract nature of these magnifications. Some of our projects will include drawing, oil and chalk pastel, painting, 3D cardboard construction, and installation. 

July 22-26
Mixed Meanderings

In Mixed Meanderings Art Camp we'll play with a variety of mediums to create 2D and 3D mixed media artworks that incorporate surface relief. This session will involve a large amount of experimentation and independent exploration. Some of our projects will include wax, plaster, charcoal, collage, assemblage, and recycle art. 

July 29- Aug 2
Powerful Peoples

Powerful Peoples Art Camp is designed for self exploration and self-empowerment. During this session we'll have the opportunity to redefine or recreate ourselves through various self-centered activities. Some of our projects will include collage, screen printing, mosaics, self portraits, photography, painting, and fashion design. 

August 5-9
Submerged Sensations

In Submerged Sensations Art Camp we'll dive into the underworld to observe colors, patterns, and textures of ocean life. We'll make our own seashells, design our own fish mobiles, color our own bubbles, and create sand paintings. Some of our projects will include plaster, kinetic art, batik, watercolor, and sand painting. 

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