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Our Vision

The vision of Heart Art Studio is to empower budding artists of all ages with the creativity and confidence that will allow them to develop their own style and artistic voice.

Meet the Instructor

Welcome to the heart and soul of our studio – Cynthia Gahan. With a passion for mixed media, Cynthia has been creating captivating and thought-provoking artwork for over 29 years. Her work is a reflection of her special interest in nature forms. Cynthia believes in the power of art to help explore and express new ideas and life concepts.


Creating this public studio has been Cynthia's life long dream. Here she combines 19 years of teaching experience with 8 years of formal art training to help others develop their own style and voice. Cynthia is most passionate about building confidence in those who are nervous about the art-making process. 

Cynthia Gahan.jpeg
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