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GEL Print 

Ages 7 +     
Monday, January 8
5 (per person, per session)

New Year theme this month!

Reflect on the past, look ahead to the future, and envision the experiences you wish for yourself!

Create a string of flags to represent your wishes for the new year, and hang it for decoration to remember goals, dreams, and resolutions all throughout the year. We will use fabric, paper,  paint, and gel print methods.

Booking instructions:

Click on your chosen date to begin booking.

To book more than one person, select "add more sessions" 

after adding the first person to the cart, then repeat as needed.

Gelli print pages

Get ready for a messy and experimental art class with Heart Art Studio’s Gel Print Class. Learn the basics of gel printing and make beautiful and unique prints using a variety of techniques. Use the prints as stand-alone works of art or for other projects. There is no limit to the creative potential of gel printing! Join us for a fun and creative experience that will leave you with a newfound passion for art.

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